Become a Best Buddie

Best Buddies is a volunteer-based organization. There are many ways for you to volunteer. Our 3 mission pillars ensure that there is one perfect for you.

BEST BUDDIES Ambassadors

If you are an active person and believe in fairness and equal opportunity, you can support us by volunteering. During a meeting with the team of the Foundation you will receive information about different aspects of our work and decide in which area you would like to help us as well as how much time you can dedicate to volunteering.

Please fill in the following details to join Best Buddies Bulgaria as a volunteer:

Become a Best Buddie Volunteer

Personal Information
I am a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) and I would like to be matched with a Buddy. I am a parent/guardian/friend of a person with IDD, and I would like to match them with a Buddy. I am a person without IDD and I would like to be matched with a Buddy. I am an employer and I'm interested in employing a person with IDD. Starting a Best Buddies chapter at my school or university. Joining the advisory board or junior board. Joining a parents' committee. Interning or volunteering in my local Best Buddies office.
Donating products or services (ie office supplies, equipment, furniture, IT support, graphic design, etc). Providing fundraising support. Volunteering at a special event. Best Buddies Jobs. Best Buddies Friendship Walks. Participating in one of Best Buddies' signature five-star cycling events and raising money for my local Best Buddies office.

Please list any previous experience volunteering with Best Buddies, relevant skills, areas of interest, background info, etc.: