Integrated employment

Best Buddies Jobs Program secures jobs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), allowing them to earn an income, pay taxes, and continuously and independently support themselves. The Jobs program places focus beyond the typical jobs in which a person with IDD might be placed. Best Buddies focuses on finding work that matches the job seeker’s interests and talents.

What is integrated employment?

Integrated employment is strongly focused on possibilities through assistance provided to individuals depending on their specific needs and holding consultations with employers.

The concept of supported employment first emerged and was developed in the US and Canada during the 1980s and 1990s. Whilst at the beginning the goal was to assist people with intellectual difficulties to find integrated jobs, it later evolved into a way of supporting other groups that traditionally encounter difficulties in finding and retaining jobs.

Today, the supported employment model is widely recognised and applied in social work as a tool for support of persons with various disabilities—physical, sensory, mental and intellectual, including people with autistic spectrum disorders. Supported employment ensures job mentoring, professional development, transport and assisting technologies, specialist on-the-job training and individual progress supervision.

Key underlying principle of subsidized employment:

"Support – not more than necessary, not less than needed"


Best Buddies Bulgaria will develop Jobs Program in the future.